Species of the Month - The Rich Biodiversity of the Park

Taman Warisan Negeri Selangor is an important hotbed of biodiversity for Selangor and the nation.  The wealth of the biodiversity of the Park contributes to Malaysia's classification as one of the mega-biodiversity countries in the world.   Rich in flora and fauna, several species such as tiger, tapir, flying foxes, serow and sun bear have been recorded in the Park area and are of global concern because of their dwindling numbers.    

Read more about some of the Animals, Birds and Insects found in the Park :

The Malayan Tiger

The Hornbill

Lesser dawn fruit bat

Malayan pangolin - Manis javanica

Phobaeticus serratipes - stick insect

Semachrysa jade sp - green lacewing - a new discovery!

Read more about some of the Plants found in the Park:

Vatica yeechongii - a new dipterocarp species discovered!

The Saraca or Gapis tree

Meranti trees - Shorea acuminata

Johannesteijsmannia - the Joey Palms

Hoya lasiantha - Waxplant

Wildlife and plants cannot speak for themselves.  They cannot ask for help, for better protection from the government.  We have to do that for them.

You can help protect these and other wild species. 
• Don’t buy products or medicines made from wild animals or plants
• Reduce your consumption habits
• Speak up for the protection of forests and wildlife

If you seen any one selling wild animals or parts of wild animals, please call the Department of Wildlife and National Park (DWNP) immediately at 1-800-88-5151 or  03-9086 6800 (office hours), or  inform the DWNP online

Please write letters to the government and articles to the newspapers to express your concern over the illegal trade in wildlife.

Every little bit you do makes a big difference!