Friday, October 18, 2013

Chillin' at Chiling Waterfalls

Special thanks to our guest contributor - Azlan Alladin


Hailed by many as the state’s most scenic waterfall, Chiling (note the single L) waterfalls is located
approximately 20 kilometers from Kuala Kubu Baru and is a must-go for nature lovers or anyone seeking a time well spent. Visitors would find themselves at the heart of nature, in the vicinity of Malaysian tropical rainforest which is only less than 2-hour drive from KL. Between their cars and the towering signature 80-meter waterfall overlooking a nice calm pool is an enjoyable jungle trek which would take visitors crossing cold rivers and passing exotic plants such as wild orchids and bamboos. The site is maintained by Selangor State Fisheries Department both as a campsite and a sanctuary, and is open on Fridays to Sundays.

How to get there

The most convenient way to travel towards Kota Kubu Bahru (“KKB”) would be on PLUS highway.  From the KKB exit, head towards Fraser's Hills and you would pass the Selangor Dam and the bridge crossing Chiling River after which you park your car. An arch would be visible to the right side of the road. Walk in.

When you’re there

You would find an open area with a few surrounding wooden buildings including the registration booth where you write down personal details and pay an entrance fee of RM1 per person. There are 6 river crossings en route to the main waterfall. The suspension bridge you see to the right of the registration booth is the first crossing.

It is crucial to make a left turn at the 4-way junction you meet after coming down the bridge. Turning right would take you back to the river you just crossed. Going straight would mean hiking up away from the water.

All river crossings are marked with steel signs as well as red plastic bag tied around nearby trees. The
river bottom would be rocky and slippery hence the choice of footwear is as important as your ability to keep balance. You would notice the harmless Kelah fish swimming around as the water goes waist-deep. Note that fishing is strictly prohibited.

After trekking for about 40 minutes, before you’re done marveling at the nice cascades and green surroundings, you would meet the main waterfall which welcomes you with its mighty sound. On busy days, the area would appear too crowded but rest assured that the turnaround at the pool is rather fast, due to its chilliness.

For those looking for more, the adventure could be extended by climbing up steep slopes toward the 2nd waterfall (not accessible) and finally the 3rd and last waterfall which would offer a more quiet and private space ideal for picnics.

(Reminder:  Waterfalls can be dangerous!  Always be careful.  Always go in a group.  Tell someone outside the group where you are going and when you expect to return.  And please, keep nature CLEAN, take your rubbish home with you)

GPS Coordinates
3°35'39.3"N 101°44'07.8"E

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