Saturday, June 27, 2009

Importance of the Selangor State Park

1. Water
The Park is the source of 98% of Selangor, KL and Putrajaya’s water supply. Nearly all of Selangor's major rivers originate in the park. The Sg Selangor, Batu, Klang Gates, Langat & Semenyih reservoirs are all feed by this forest. These reservoirs provide water for residents of KL, Selangor & Putrajaya.

2. Rich Biodiversity

The park area is rich in flora and fauna and unique habitats, including the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge – one of the longest quartz outcrops in the world.

- rare species:
A newly discovered species of stream-side dipterocarp, Vatica yeechongii has been discovered in the Park. The Park is also home to palms that are among the rarest and most beautiful in the world.

- home to wildlife
Approximately 50% of the species of Peninsula Malaysia’s faunal biodiversity can be found in the Park. Species include serow, tigers and gibbons; serpent eagles and rhinoceros hornbills; whip snakes and vipers.

3. Protects Steep Slopes

At least 50% of the park area has slopes steeper than 20 degrees. Protecting these forests reduces downstream flooding and erosion.

4. Cultural beauty

The kampung homes around the edges of the forest, particularly in the northern and southern regions, express the rich culture of the people living in the area. The traditional Malay home garden, or mixed fruit garden, is a wonderful example of successful farming in harmony with the natural environment.

5. Eco-tourism, Research & Education
Provides essential recreational sites and valuable education and research opportunities.

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