Monday, July 22, 2013

Re-invigorate Your Spirit at Sungai Kedondong

The month of Ramadan is a lovely time to re-invigorate our souls.  Spending some time with Mother Nature may be just the thing to we need to relieve ourselves from trappings of modern technology, and reconnect with our selves and our spirit.  If you don’t celebrate Ramadan, it may also be a time to enjoy the forest more to yourself, as fewer people will likely be out picnicking in the mornings and mid-day.

Sungai Kedondong is a lovely little recreation area just off the main road B66, between Batang Kali and Genting Highlands.  The site is run by the Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor.

The river is very cool and refreshing. and it has many boulders, which makes for fun "rapids" and swimming.  The easy access of Sg Kedondong makes the site very popular over the weekends, which sadly means there can be quite a bit of trash along the riverbanks.  How we Malaysian's can show so much disrespect to Mother Nature, while at the same time enjoying her beauty, is a real mystery.  But there are spots that are less crowded and still very beautiful.

If you follow a small trail along the river, you will eventually come to a small
waterfall area, with a pool and all.  The hike takes less than an hour to arrive to the waterfall.  If you continue, there is also a second, smaller waterfall further up the river trail.

However, the trail can be difficult to find, and can also be quite slippery.  Be sure you inform someone if you and your party decide to hike the trail to the waterfall.  You must be aware of the weather.  A sudden rain can lead to flash floods, which can make the waterfall and the trail dangerous as well, so keep your eyes on the cloud cover.

There are several stall along the road just opposite the rereation site, selling snacks and the like. 

For an easy way to enjoy Taman Warisan Negeri Selangor, drive over to Sungai
Kedondong.   Take the B66 road from Batang Kali towards Gohtong Jaya on the way to Genting Highlands, you will see a small signboard and the recreation area on your right hand side.

Always be careful and responsible, rivers and waterfalls can be dangerous.  Always go in a group, and inform someone of where you are going.  Finally, NEVER leave your trash behind - keep the Park clean!

GPS Coordinates:
3°25'48.4"N 101°43'48.3"E
--> (Lata Kedongdong)