Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sites of Interest in the Park of Beauty

Below are some sites in this magnificent Selangor State Park. We hope you can give us some feedback on your favorite sites :

1. Fraser's Hill-the Gap
A popular, hill top retreat. The Gap and Fraser's Hill itself are very popular birding sites. There are many places to stay in Fraser's Hill and it make
s a wonderful weekend retreat. This is one of the areas still remaining to be gazetted as part of the Selangor State Park.

2. Sungai Tua Recreation Site
Located 10KM from Selayang Town along the Ulu Yam- Gombak Road, past Batu Dam.
A location a family will love with several picnic sites. While the river is generally shallow, at times it flows with full enthusiasm of the rain forest. (aaaaaaaahhhhh)

3. Commonwealth Park
Located 6km from Rawang, along the Rawang to K.L road. (Malaysia not Singapore) A nice small picnic site for families and friends.

4. Klang Gates Quartz Ridge
Located at the back of Taman Melawati, off Jalan Ulu Klang.
Several exciting but well hidden trails run top this awesome Ridge. But take note - while it is beautiful, it is also very dangerous as the trails are very steep and narrow at places. Not recommended for younglings. There is a small swimming spot at the base of the Ridge but unfortunately it is not always clean. The Klang Gates is another area that has not yet been gazetted as part of the Selangor State Park. We hope it will be gazetted soon!

5. Ampang Recreation Site
Located at the very end ( or at the very start) of Jalan Ampang.
With a river, picnic spots and lovely trees. It is another fun spot for a weekend or weekstart or week-middle swim.

6. Sungai Tekala Recreation Site
Located 13 km from Semenyih Town along the Semenyih-Ulu Langat Road. With water as clear as the morning dew and few nice gentle pools along the river's way, it is better than Disney World. (Yes, you can sell your plain ticket to Orlando, you don't need it any more!)

7. Gunung Nuang
Located 17 km from Cheras along the Ulu Langat to Pangson road. A very beautiful but very challenging mountain hike. For the fit and not for the faint of hearts.

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