Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sites of Interest in the Park of Beauty

Continuing our list of fun recreation spots in Selangor State Park (Taman Negeri Selangor). Let's call it TNS for short!

Here are some other favorite spots:

1. Kuala Kubu Baru
This quaint town is just outside TNS boundary. It has some lovely old buildings and is a spot for culture and heritage for Selangor.

2. Sg. Sendat
Sg. Sendat is a fun recreation spot for the family, located in Hulu Selangor, and is part of TNS. It is a great place to spend a afternoon swimming and picnicking. Just please don't forget to clean up your own rubbish!

3. Commonwealth Park
6 km from Rawang along the Rawang-KL road.
This is a quaint picnic site with a small river running through it. The base area is run by the Selangor Forestry Department. The site above is run by Selangor Tourism. There is camping and a bit of hiking as well.

4. Sungai Chongkak
13 km from Cheras town, along the Hulu Langat to Pangson road.
Another popular recreation site of TNS. Along the river here is a waterfall and nice swimming pools... Ahhh refreshing! For the fit and brave, there is also hiking up to Bukit Chenuang, which is about 850 meters above sea level. Just always be sure to tell a ranger before you set off. Always go with a friend, stay on the trail, and bring plenty of water.

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