Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Please Write In

Just a gentle reminder to please get active to help conserve the integrity of Taman Negeri Selangor. Please send a letter, as mentioned in the earlier posting, to express your concern over the impact the proposed KL Outer Ring Road will have on the unique beauty of the Park. Some other people you should write to include:

YB Dato' Shaziman bin Abu Mansor
Menteri Kerja Raya
Kemeneterian Kerja Raya
Tingkat 5, Blok A, Kompleks Kerja Raya
Jln. Sultan Salahuddin
50580 KL
Tel: 03-2711-1100
Fax: 03-2711-3288

YB Dato' Sri Ong Tee Keat
Menteri Perngangkutan
Kementerian Pengangkutan
Aras 7, Blok D5, Parcel D
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62502 Putrajaya
Tel: 03-8886-6000
Fax: 03-8889-1569

YB Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas
Menteri Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar
Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar
Tingkat 17,Lot 4G3, Presint 4
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
Tel: 03-8886-1637
Fax: 03-8889-1057

PLEASE send your letter TODAY!!!

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