Friday, February 17, 2012

Keep an Active Watch on the Forests that You Love

Some exciting you can be even more involved in protecting our forests...

Transparency International-Malaysia has launched a Forest Watch Project under its Forest Governance Integrity (FGI) Programme.  Forest Watch involves the public to become the eyes and ears of the forest by monitoring the forests you love, using Google Earth and your own eyes. 

If you see something in the forest that doesn’t look right (clearing of land, for example), go to TI's Forest Watch website to make a report on what concerns you.  This may be something you see while hiking in the forest, or driving past the forest, or while searching via Google Earth.

The reports made by the public will be followed up by a monitoring and advisory team, which consists of representatives from Transparency International FGI Programme, the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia, Institute of Foresters and the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission.

This programme helps to empower the community to be more involved in protecting our forests, and makes it much easier for people to write-in on something that they may see in a forest area, by simply using the internet to write your concerns, and pinpoint the location on Google Earth.

How does it work?
  1. You see something irregular while driving past a forest, or you are scanning Google Earth and you see something in the satellite image of the forest that makes you concerned.
  2. Go to Forest Watch website
  3. REGISTER as a user.  Wait for a password to be emailed to you (should be almost immediate)
  4. LOG-IN using your user name and new password
  5. Hit REPORT
  6. Fill the report and then hit PUBLISH

From there, the monitoring team should take over and investigate your report.

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