Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sites in the Park Ranked as Top Hiking Destinations!

The STAR sent out mass e-mails to nature buffs and eco-tour guides to determine the top spots for hiking, biking, paddling and climbing in Malaysia.  And proudly, at least 2 sites within the Park are the top hiking spots in Selangor!  (read the article )

The Klang Gates Quartz Ridge topped the list for both the best hiking spot in the Klang Valley (particularly the western section, known as Bukit Tabur) and for the best mountain biking spot (the trails along the foot slopes at the eastern section, around Kemensah).

Gunung Nuang, the highest mountain in Selangor, was also rated top hiking spot in the Klang Valley, especially as a training ground for tougher hikes like Mt. Kinabalu.

Both locations are very popular with outdoor enthusiasts, and both offer exciting challenges while enjoying nature's beauty.  Sadly, these areas in particular are under a lot of pressure from human activities and development, so we've got to act to protect them as much as we enjoy them.

So it's time to leave the shopping malls behind, and get out and enjoy the beauty of Taman Negeri Selangor!

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