Monday, May 2, 2011

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day was a busy day in Taman Negeri Selangor.

At Sungai Tua Recreational Forest, approximately 600 people gathered to clear the Park of rubbish left behind by uncaring picnickers.  It was wonderful to see so many Malaysians and other concerned citizens of the Earth gather to clean up our beautiful Park.  But it is a tragedy that picnickers are still leaving behind such a mess after enjoying the beauty of nature.   It is really high time that the authorities start getting serious on the cancerous problem of littering, and start imposing fines on those who throw rubbish around.

Still, a big thank you must go out to those volunteers who worked so hard to clean up Sg. Tua Recreational Forest, one of the Park headquarters.  The event was organised by the Waterfall Survivors, with so many other groups helping out.  Great Job to all of you!

On a smaller scale, but with no less heart, a group of media gathered at Sg. Tekala Recreation Forest to commemorate Sloggi's international Love Earth Campaign, in a bid to increase conservation efforts and awareness of this magnificent Park. 
Globally, Sloggi and the SensitivEcoSystem Project have partnered with the World Land Trust to save the threatened rain forest in the Yaboti Biosphere, which is home to many unusual plants and animal species, at risk of extinction. 

Here in Malaysia, Sloggi have partnered TrEES in our efforts to increase the awareness and protection of Taman Negeri Selangor.  In addition to writing articles and blogging about the Park, the media planted native trees to enrich the Park’s biodiversity.

Sloggi also presented a check to TrEES to help us with our Internet efforts to empower communities to reduce their ecological footprint on the Park.

While we should practice Earth Day everyday, it was a special weekend at Taman Negeri Selangor.  The plants and wildlife send a special thank you to everyone who got involved!  Keep up the good work!

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