Thursday, March 10, 2011

Community Concerns Over Developments in the Park

Residents are growing concerned over the protected status of the Selangor State Park, due to the number of development pressures on the Park.  The past blog entry highlighted the community's concern about the KLORR.  This entry is highlighting the voice of another concerned resident, Is the Park a Protected Area? that appeared in the Star letters section.

It appears that a housing development has been built in a 'forest reserve'.

By looking at forest maps, if this area is indeed a 'forest reserve' as claimed in the advertisement, the forest reserve would be the Ampang Forest Reserve.  This forest reserve has already been gazetted as part of the Selangor State Park several years ago.

How did a housing development get approved in a 'forest reserve'?   Is this 'forest reserve' part of the Selangor State Park?  Are the authorities serious about protecting the Park? 

These are serious questions.  We are looking for the answers...

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