Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Site of the Month - Sg. Tua Recreational Forest

Sungai Tua Recreational Forest is one of the main gateways to Taman Warisan Negeri Selangor - the Selangor State Park.  This recreational park is located within the Hulu Gombak, central region of the Park (coordinates:  N03 19.91' E101 42.15').

Sg. Tua is a major tourist attraction in Selangor, and is very popular, especially on weekends and public holidays.  The Selangor Forestry Department has a site office at one of the main parking areas.  While most of the facilities at Sg Tua are managed by the Forestry Department, a few sites are managed by the local council, as well as a few private sites.

Facilities at the main site include camping grounds, a surau, picnicking and changing facilities.  And, of course, a beautiful river to swim in, with many rocks and boulders to add to the enjoyment.

The forests of Sg. Tua are primarily young, regenerating secondary forests.  The Saraca stream forest habitat is prominent here.  There are a small number of old-growth forest trees remaining here. 

Please take care of your Park - keep it clean!  TAKE ALL RUBBISH HOME WITH YOU.

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