Friday, October 22, 2010

Residents Speak Up for the Park

This past Thursday, 21 October, over 200 residents, concerned youth and reps from NGOs attended the public hearing to voice their concerns about the plans in the Draft Local Plan for Ampang Jaya - not a bad turnout for a working day!

All of the residents and NGOs expressed their intense objections to the KL Outer Ring Road cutting through  Taman Negeri Selangor and the increasing development pressures on the Park, particularly the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge.

Some of those who attended pose for a photo
with posters objecting to the KLORR
There were a number of other proposals that the residents and NGOs strongly objected to including:
  • a proposed incinerator
  • TNB high tension wires planned along a steep hill and near housing in Tmn Bkt Segar Jaya area
  • continued development plans on the steep, sensitive slopes of the entire Ampang area
  • the intensity of new housing and other developments that are destroying the greenery and overall quality of life throughout the areas of Ampang
  • the increasing human-wildlife "conflicts" due to the lack of green space and conversion of green spaces to development, leaving no room for the wildlife
  • increasing developments along river reserves
  • the extremely small amount of green-recreational space (less than 5%) throughout the Ampang area
Chairman of the hearing En. Iskandar Abdul Samad (State Exco) said that the objections would be discussed at the State Planning Committee in December.

Many thanks must be given to the residents, young people and NGO groups that took the time to attend the hearing and speak up for the Park, the environment and our overall quality of life.  Many thanks must also be given to everyone who wrote in objections earlier this year, again, calling for the better protection of the Selangor State Park and the environment in general.  Thanks must also be given to the government for hearing us.  Now we must see if they ACT on our concerns.  

Read more about what happened during the hearing on  Malaysiakini's Komunitikini  and The Star Metro

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